4th international André Evard avard

13.02.2016 – 24.04.2016


For the 4th time the kunsthalle messmer presented the André Evard-award, dedicated to the swiss artist André Evard (1876 – 1972). Already in 1913 he occupied himself with geometric abstraction, as one of the first artists in Switzerland doing so. 

More than 750 artists from 47 different countries applied to be considered for the award.

In a pre-elimination only 108 artist were chosen to present one work each in the kunsthalle messmer. You can find the nominees here.


A jury declared Betty Rieckmann winner of the award. The visitor-chosen award went to Bodo Sperling.



10 Years of messmer foundation – Hightlights of the collection

04.10.2015 – 07.02.2016


For the 10-year-celebration of the messmer foundation we opened our depots and presented a unique collection of highlights like Georges Braque, Carlos Cruz-Diez, André Evard, Lucio Fontana, Paul Klee, Alberto Magnelli, Günther Uecker und Victor Vasarely. The exhibition gave visitors an insight into the hitorical connections between classic modernism, PopArt, cinetic art and concrete-constructive art.

One main emphasis was the swiss artist André Evard, whose estate Jürgen A. Messmer bought a large part of in 1978. Evard created an highly individual and diverse Oeuvre why he is called the protagonist of swiss modern art. Georges Braques cubism opened the gates to abstract art in the beginning of the 20th century. After WWII artists find new ways to express themselves: PopArt, cinetic art,… The palette from the geometric compositions of Victor Vasarelys and Bridget Rileys, to the vibrating works of Carlos Cruz-Diez and the clear and harmonic constructions by  Anton Stankowskis and Klaus J. Schoens.



Andy Warhol

King of Pop Art 

From 02.05.2015 to 27.09.2015

In Andy Warhol, kunsthalle messmer presents the most important exponent of American pop art, and one of the most dazzling personalities of the 20th century. Like no other artist, Warhol revolutionised modern visual language and changed our conceptions of art forever.  His series of movie stars and glamorous politicians, of cans of soup and dollar bills, have long ranked among the true icons of art history.  Using series as an artistic means of expression became Warhol’s signature, and serigraphy his most popular medium. This exhibition sheds light on the most important stages of his artistic development. Beginning with a selection of early sketches from the 1950s, the exhibition stands as testament to Warhol’s trailblazing evolution, from his beginnings as a graphic designer to being christened ‘king of pop art’.

Born the son of eastern European immigrants and growing up in a poor district of Pittsburgh, Warhol and his career embody the American Dream, from a poor, sickly child to a successful graphic designer in New York and a star of the international art scene. He always knew how to be provocative and shock his audience with both the subjects of his artworks and his lifestyle. As a student of the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, he broke with the cult of the artist’s own hand by reproducing his sketches and having his friends colour them. This was a concept that he took with him to his legendary Manhattan-based Factory, which proved true to its name: Warhol didn’t consider it to be an artist’s studio, but as an actual factory for producing his art. It was here that his famous prints of Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s Soups were created.

Art and business blend into one in Warhol’s work and in the way he marketed himself. What began at the Factory in the 1960s reached its peak in the 1970s when, for $25,000, Warhol painted the portrait of each person who was willing to pay that sum. Serial imagery is a motif that extends across all of Warhol’s work and is the expression of his compelling way of thinking.  This principle represents industrialised mass production, but also the democratisation of social habits, because every American drinks Coca-Cola or eats Campbell’s soup, from the president to the humble labourer.

A highlight of the exhibition is the ten-part series Marilyn, which Warhol began only a few days after the actress’ tragic death. With this series, the artist not only produced one of his most famous series, but also immortalised the Hollywood starlet as an iconic figure of modern art and pop culture. Further classics, like the large-format portrait of Goethe, Campbell’s Soup Cans, Mao and Flowers, as well as Flash – Warhol’s representation of the assassination of John F. Kennedy – make this exhibition a truly unforgettable experience.

Klaus J. Schoen

“Harmony of Silence” – A Retrospective

From 02.04.2015 to 26.04.2015

Klaus J. Schoen is one of the most important contemporary representatives of abstract art in Germany. He developed his own design language and came to similar conclusions as the American artists of the Hard Edge movement Kenneth Noland , Frank Stella and Ellsworth Kelly. In a large retrospective the kunsthalle messmer gives for the first time in Germany a comprehensive insight into the creative life of this artist. On the basis of his various works, the exhibition examines Schoen’s experimental approach of the basic elements of his painting and illustrating the resulting logical extension of its forms.

Arif Aziz

Aserbaijanian Art

From 07.03.2015 to 29.03.2015

Born in Baku in 1943 the artist Arif Aziz is one of the most important painters of his generation in Azerbaijan. With the artistic richness and diversity of his work , he has shaped the development of Azerbaijanian art. Uniquely, Arif Aziz joins the national artistic heritage with the style elements of Western art. His artworks demonstrate therefore the cultural exchange between East and West. In a major solo exhibition, the kunsthalle messmer presents an overview of this multifaceted work.

China in the Reflection of Time

Five Thousend Years of Art

From 20.09.2014 to 01.03.2015

Hundertwasser & Ernst Fuchs

A special exposition for the 5th anniversary of the kunsthalle messmer

From 05.04.2014 to 14.09.2014


Elvira Bach

From 01.11.2013 to 30.03.2014

Werner Pawlok


From 01.09.2012 to 27.01.2013

Dawning VIII