The Trettin Collection

In 2012 the Freiburg based private collector  Renate Trettin donated a first part of their private art collection to the messmer foundation, a further donation is planned for the future. A selection of the collection can be seen in the staircase-tower of the Kunsthalle.

René Acht, Cees Andriessen, Hellmut Bruch, Paul Damsté, Karl Duschek, Franz Eggenschwiler, H.P. Harr, Werner Haypeter, Bernd Hendriks, Micus Eduard, Koichi, Nasu, Horst Rave, Sigurd Rompza, Robert Schad, Johannes Schreiter, Peter Staechelin, Anton Stankowski, Arthur Stoll, Axel Vater, Gido Wiederkehr, Martin Wörn