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10 years messmer foundation
The highlights of the collection

4.10.2015 – 07.02.2016


To mark the 10th anniversary of the messmer foundation, the foundation opens its depots and presents a unique collection of its most important works in the kunsthalle messmere. The exhibition brings together such renowned artists as Georges Braque, Carlos Cruz-Diez, André Evard, Lucio Fontana, Paul Klee, Alberto Magnelli, Günther Uecker and Victor Vasarely. On the basis of these important representatives of abstract art, the exhibition provides an exciting insight into the historical connections between classical modern art, Op Art, kinetic and concrete-constructive art.

One focus of the exhibition is devoted to the art of the pioneering Swiss avant-gardist André Evard, of whose estate the founder Jürgen A. Messmer acquired a large part in 1978 and which is now administered by the messmer foundation. In his long life, Evard has created an extremely multi-faceted and highly individual work, which is why he is rightly described as a pioneer of Swiss modernism. In the juxtaposition of his early enamel works and his important series, such as “Les roses, “Le couvert”, “Symphonia”, “Compisition abstraite” and “Kabuki”, Evard’s unique artistic development from Art Nouveau to his constructively-geometric works is vividly demonstrated.

While the cubist and constructive works of André Evard and Georges Braque open the door to abstraction in the first half of the century, artists after the Second World War expand the non-figurative repertoire and penetrate completely new areas: Thus Op Art deals with the phenomenon of perception, Kinetic Art specifically incorporates movement into its works, and the concrete-constructive directions seek a purist way to embody the spiritual on the basis of mathematical-geometric principles. The broad spectrum ranges from Victor Vasarely’s and Bridget Riley’s pulsating geometric compositions to Carlos Cruz-Diez’s vibrating striped paintings, Lucio Fontana’s perforated works, and Anton Stankowski’s and Klaus J. Schoen’s clear and harmonious constructions.

The collection, which today comprises more than 1,000 works of art by over 150 important artists, offers a fascinating cross-section of the “10 Years of the messmer Foundation” with its exhibits. With top works by some of the most important artists of the 20th century, this top-class exhibition offers a multifaceted view of the various developmental trends in abstract art.

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