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12 Region Borderless

30.04.2017 – 19.06.2016

From Kandern via Freiburg to Ottersweier, from Rottweil to Schallstadt – the kunsthalle messmer in Riegel looked in all directions in this special exhibition. The view went into the region and yet boundlessly far beyond it. Because “12” brings together artists who have found an independent and unmistakable signature in the past decades and whose paintings, installations and sculptures are known far beyond the national borders. This of course means “glasses” by Peter Dreher, a large figure installation by Jürgen Brodwolf, wooden sculptures by CW Loth, opulent painting and many, many encounters with “old” acquaintances.

Thomas Kitzinger, A3-11 to A7-11-2011, A6-05, 2005, oil on aluminium © Thomas Kitzinger courtesy Gallery Albert Baumgarten, Freiburg

Participating artists were:

Werner Berges
Gerhard Birkhofer
Jürgen Brodwolf
Peter Dreher
Manfred Emmenegger-Kanzler
Elisabeth Endres
Angela M. Flaig
Thomas Kitzinger
CW Loth
Celso Martínez Naves
Wolfram Scheffel

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