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Hans Karl Zeisel

Hans-Karl Zeisel, portrait Konkret Jürgen A. Messmer, 24 x 24 x 3,8 cm, acrylique et bois sur bloc MDF © messmer fondation

*1950 in Waiblingen

Apprenticeship as typesetter/typographer, graphic studies, advertising and marketing specialist. Children’s book author.

Lives and works in Korb near Stuttgart and in Budapest.

Exhibitions in Berlin, Budapest, Ditzingen, Munich, Potsdam, Pecs, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Waiblingen, and many more.

Influenced by the Bauhaus

Arrested of straightforwardness. Play with the forms of life that are circle, square, triangle. To push, to sound out – what goes, what was not there yet.

What is feasible without leaving the clear, the concrete. Experimenting with the three forms of creation, colours and materials. Curiosity for new forms, other combinations. Exploring material – what exists, how and where it influences the work. Always surprising with the infinite variety of Concrete Art.

World of shapes and graphic images

His pictures of forms are the opposite of the structures, surfaces and constructs that are familiar in everyday life. The viewer will discover and experience new forms – forms that he does not consciously, at least not superficially, encounter.

The graphic works, such as squares and panel paintings, are results of his research into the use of simple forms such as squares, circles or triangles. Their reduced use leads to objects with strong tensions.

Hans Karl Zeisel

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