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Bridget Riley

Bridget Riley_Elongated Triangles_1971_kopie
Bridget Riley, Elongated Triangles, 1971, color serigraph on paper, 102 x 42 cmⒸ kunsthalle messmer /  Steven van Veen

Bridget Riley is an English painter and one of the leading representatives of Op-Art. Her predominantly large-format works are the result of a long process of creation. Riley mixes the colours herself, as they play an important role in terms of effect and perception. An already large-format prototype is created with gouache, which means that very accurate and precise work should be done to prevent colour and geometric inaccuracies.

Born 1931 in London
1946-1948 Art education at Cheltham Ladie’s College
1949-1952 Goldschmiedeschule College, London
1952-1955 Royal College of Art
1960 Journey to Italy, examination of Renaissance works and Futurism
1960er The first Op-Art pictures are created
1962 first solo exhibition at Gallery One, London
1965 Exhibition in New York
1968 receives the prize for painting of the Venice Biennale
1968 Participation in the 4th documenta in Kassel
1976 Start with color experiments
1977 Start with color experiments
1981 trip to Egypt
1983 Design of the interior of the Royal Liverpool Hospital
lives and works in London

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