Current exhibition

Fascination and myth

06.03.2020 – 21.06.2020

For centuries, Venice has had a very special attraction for travellers and artists from all over the world. More than 30 million tourists come to Venice every year to be enchanted by the city’s magnificent churches and palaces, its winding canals and rich cultural heritage. From March 7 to June 21, 2020, the kunsthalle messmer will be presenting the theme show “Venice – Fascination and Myth” with works by international artists who drew their inspiration from the fantastic lagoon city. The exhibition presents historical city views, paintings, photos and objects by Hundertwasser, Salvador Dalí, Joe Tilsohn, Malte Sartorius, Max Peiffer-Watenphul and Horst Janssen, among others. The focus of the wide-ranging exhibition is on modern art and contemporary art from the 20th and 21st centuries.

But the dangers that threaten the existence of this 1500-year-old World Cultural Heritage site are also discussed – for example, giant cruise ships or increasingly frequent floods that threaten to sink the city into the lagoon. A multimedia installation transmits the unique soundscape of the Serenissima to visitors and takes them virtually into the lagoon city.

More information about the city of Venice

Venice is the origin and muse of countless unforgettable works of art. With its canals connected to the sea and its 398 bridges, the lagoon city forms an inspiring backdrop. With the Renaissance and the Venetian school, the golden age of painting began. The great masters Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese and later Tiepolo, Canaletto and William Turner bear witness to the great artistic past of a city that has always attracted artists of all kinds. Until the 16th century, Venice was considered an important maritime and commercial power. The marvellous splendid architecture still bears witness today to the ancient wealth of the Serenissima. Until 1797, Venice was the official capital of the Republic of Venice. With more than 180,000 inhabitants, Venice was considered one of the largest cities in Europe. Today, the lagoon city has virtually no Venetian inhabitants and the city and the economy are increasingly focused on tourism. Even today, the lagoon city is still a destination for painters from all over the world, who are inspired and stimulated by this magical place. The Venice Biennale, in particular, is an important and major international event in the world of art.

Let yourself be carried away by the history and culture of this fascinating lagoon city!
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