Fascination and myth

06.02.2020 – 21.06.2020

Venice has for centuries exerted a very special attraction on travellers, as also on artists from all over the world. More than 30 million tourists come to Venice every year to be enchanted by its magnificent churches and palaces, its winding canals and its rich cultural heritage.

Manfred Fischer, Venedig-Carnevale, 2011, Mischtechnik auf Papier © Galerie Signum/M.Fischer

Works by international artists who drew their inspiration from the fantastic lagoon city are presented. In addition to historical views of the magnificent buildings of Venice, you will find dreamy paintings and exciting photos and objects by Hundertwasser, Salvador Dalí, Ulrike Rosenbach, Malte Sartorius and Horst Janssen, among others. The focus of the wide-ranging thematic show is on modern art and contemporary art from the 20th and 21st centuries. Let yourself be carried away into the history and culture of this fascinating lagoon city!