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Cesar Andrade

Cesar Andrade, Puntigrama 150, 1989, Nails on acrylic and wood, 73 x 101 cm Ⓒ  Steven van Veen, Schwanau

Cesar Andrade is an artist, poet and musician. As a kinetic artist, Andrade works with the geometry of nails and the attempt to create a vibrating surface through them. The main geometric elements that determine the arrangement of the nails are the line and the point. Closeness and emptiness are balanced and create a vibrating surface, while diagonal and oblique lines create unexpected effects, transforming the surface into a grid. Light is an integral part of Andrade’s work. Direct frontal irradiation would not produce depth. However, if there is an indirect, side-mounted light source, one can see a negative image of the work in the form of shadows that double the surface area of the elements depicted. Nails are the main elements of Andrade’s works.

born 1939 in Guarico, Estado Lara, Venezuela
Studies in El Tocuyo and at the Ecole des Arts Plastiques in Barquisimeto
1964 Professor at the Ecole des Arts plastiques in Acarigua, Estado Portuguesa, Venezuela
1968 Exhibitions in Venezuela; journey to Europe, move to Paris
1969 Intensive studies on the subject of lines, exhibitions of the first “linigramas” in France
1970 participation in the art lessons of Franck Popper at the Université de Vincennes and of Jean Cassou at the Collège de France
Numerous individual and group exhibitions
lives and works in Paris


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