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Dalí – The magic of genius

02.06.2018 – 28.10.2018

Salvador Dalí, Saturn giraffe, 1974, drypoint etching on colour lithograph with embossing ©messmer foundation

Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) is undisputedly one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. To this day, the Spaniard still impresses with his surrealistic, imaginative and often enigmatic works and is revered as a genius even during his lifetime. The kunsthalle messmer is dedicating a large, outstandingly curated exhibition to the artist with 150 top-class works that have never before been shown in this region.

Numerous typical Dalí motifs can be seen in graceful, coloured woodcuts, photorealistic representations in the style of old masters or even in surrealistic nature studies, which show not only Dalí’s reading, but above all his outstanding talent as a painter and draughtsman. The artist was also not afraid of different materials, so he created sculptures made of bronze, brass and plexiglass, which are also part of the exhibition.

Dalí is not only an exceptional artist, but also the stories and legends about his person make him special. Already at the age of fourteen, Dalí attracts the attention of several important art critics with his first solo exhibition. However, he left the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1924 without an examination, as he did not consider his teachers competent enough to evaluate his works. In 1929 Dalí finally found his personal style; the world of the unconscious that appears in dreams. Since then, melting clocks, crutches and burning giraffes have been the distinguishing features of his painting and have become symbols of the Surrealists.

The exhibition offers a good insight into the extensive graphic work as well as the unusual sculptures and at the same time provides insight into Dalí’s life. The diversity and high quality of the works invites visitors to discover the “Magic of Genius”. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue which can be purchased in the museum shop.

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