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Dario Pérez-Flores

Dario Pérez-Flores had brought the fascinating abundance of South American colour to Paris from Venezuela, they say.  For the artist, color is a means of expressing his creativity. After his first works, at that time still with sculptures made of movable metal and acrylic, Flores created his initial works with grids driven by a motor. His works thus represent a symbiotic relationship between colour, space and depth.
The strictly geometric panels, adorned with very thin stalks, also reach into space. This allows the viewer to experience the noises and vibrations of the kinetic images with the slightest movement. His sculptural skills combined with his concrete-constructive compositions often contain tiny motors that move the color tubes in his works.

Born 1935 in Venezuela
19571-1961 Studies “Des Arts Plastiques de Valencia”, Venezuela,
1965-1967  Literaturstudium,
1970 Relocation to France
1970-1973 Study “Des Arts Plastiques” in Vincennes-Paris, France
Lives and works in Paris

Exhibitions (selection)

Since 1971 numerous exhibitions in France, Italy, Switzerland and Venezuela
Ab 1981 Artists of the Galerie Denise René with exhibitions and fair participations worldwide

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