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Friedrich Geiler

Friedrich Geiler, without cover, 1981, acrylic on canvas, 80 x 80 cm © messmer foundation / Steven van Veen.

Friedrich Geiler is a regional, constructivist artist. His works range from paintings and sculptures to façade design and interior installations. In comparison to other artists, Constructivists, as he is, have only circles and squares at their disposal, which Friedrich Geiler skillfully uses and reinterprets. A circle is not always a surface, it can also be a tire, open or broken through, enclosing nothing or forming a space; the same goes for the squares, sometimes they are rectangles, sometimes they are wider, sometimes they are longer – that lies in the interpretation of the viewer. Moreover, Friedrich Geiler is an artist who  strongly works with colors. Thus he succeeds in depicting nuances from light to dark with the finest brushstrokes.;

Friedrich Geiler

[:en]friedrich-geiler-ot o.T., 1981 © Sammlung Messmer[:fr]friedrich-geiler-ot o.T., 1981 © Sammlung Messmer[:]

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