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Georg Karl Pfahler

Work in the collection: Georg Pfahler, GP.O.R./ZAD, 1964, acrylic on canvas, 175 x 160 cm

Georg Karl Pfahler was a German painter, artist and art professor. The first paintings after completing his studies are reminiscent of the pointilistic painting style of his role model and teacher Willi Baumeister. From 1959 his formative paintings were created with clearly defined surfaces and few colours (mainly blue, red, black and white, occasionally also orange and green). In the years that followed, the forms became even more simplified in order to become exclusively vehicles of color and its interrelationships. Due to the great simplification of the forms, the colour in Pfahler’s paintings gained an important possibility of effect. The artist understands color as a surface that creates form and space and is expansive. Of particular interest to the artist is the relationship between the image as a whole and the space as a whole. The colour form should seem to stand in space and produce an immediate psychologically aggressive effect. The wall thus becomes part of the picture or the picture becomes a wall.

born 1926 in Emetzheim, Germany
1948 Beginning of studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg
1950-1954 Attendance at the Stuttgart Art Academy
1956 Founding member of Group 11, which focused on Action Painting and Informal Painting
1958 Pfahler detaches himself from the informal style, adds the term formative to his pictures.
Starting 1962 Representative of the Hard Erdge Group in Germany
From the beginning of the 1960s he achieved the international breakthrough
passed away 2002 in Emetzheim, Deutschland

Georg Pfahler

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