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Georges Braque

Work in the collection : Georges Braque, Still life with lemons, 1929, Gouache auf Papier, 33 x 45 cm.

Georges Braque was a French painter, graphic artist and sculptor. Already in his childhood he made his first experiences with colours and brushes in his father’s company, a decorative painter. His early phase was influenced by Impressionism, which was followed by a Fauvist phase. However, his artistic development was influenced by his collaboration and friendship with Pablo Picasso, with whom he founded Cubism at the beginning of the 20th century. After his service in World War I he broke away from this art movement again. The production of sculpture and ceramics became particularly intensive in his last creative phase. In addition to his painterly work, there is also a graphic oeuvre of etchings, coloured etchings, lithographs and woodcuts.

Born 1882 in Argenteuil (France)
1899 Apprenticeship as a decorative painter in Le Havre, simultaneous visit of the evening class at the École des Beaux-Arts
1902-1904 Studies at the Académie Humbert (Paris), where he meets Marie Laurencin and Francis Picabia
1906 Exhibition at the XXII Salon des Indépendants (Paris), acquaintance with Henri Matisse, Albert Marquet and André Derain
1907 Stay in L’Estaque, where he received Paul Cézanne, meets Pablo Picasso, whose art style has a lasting influence on him and with whom he collaborates until 1914.
1908 Exhibition in the gallery of Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler
1955 / 1959 / 1964 (post mortem): Participants of the documenta in Kassel
died 1963 in Paris

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