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Jean Leppien


Work in the collection: Jean Leppien, Geometric Abstraction, 1948, Oil on canvas, 43,5 x 100 cm.

Jean Leppien, first named Kurt Leppien, studied at the Bauhaus University in Dessau as a pupil Josef Albers, Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee. He emigrated to Paris in 1933 and interrupted his artistic work during the war years. Unfortunately, the works he had created until 1945 were lost or destroyed.  It was only after the Second World War that he was able to begin his actual artistic career, which was influenced throughout his life by his first time in Dessau. Also influences of the École Paris can be found in his works, a direction to which many post-war artists belonged. His focus was on geometric abstract painting.

born 1911 in Lüneburg
from 1929 studies at the Bauhaus Dessau with Josef Albers, Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee
1931 Studied photography at the Itten School in Berlin
1933 Emigration to France
1939 Internment at the outbreak of war, soldier at the Foreign
1940 Illegal life in Southern France in Algeria and Morocco
1944 arrested by the Gestapo together with his Jewish wife Suzanne
1945 Prison sentence in Kaisheim, liberated by US
1946 Beginning of the actual artistic development
from 1948 life and work in Paris and at the Côte d’Azur
1953 Adoption of French nationality
1987 Publication of his autobiography
died 1991 in Courbevoie near Paris

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