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Jo Niemeyer

Work in the collection: Jo Niemeyer, Untitled, 2007, acrylic on canvas on wood, lacquer on steel, 129 x 129 cm

Jo Niemeyer’s works are a combination of classic modern elements and Asian thinking. His recurring forms include cubist motifs as well as squares and rectangles. In terms of colour, they also follow primary colours such as blue, red, yellow, black and white. Above all, however, his works are accompanied by the Golden Ratio, which since ancient times has been regarded as a guarantor of beauty and pleasure.

born1946 in Alf (Mosel)
1962-1965 graphic training
ab 1966 Studies of Visual Design and Architecture University of Art and Industrial Design Aalto University, Helsinki
Representatives of Concrete Constructive Art.
1970 freelance artistic activity in the field of graphics, painting, sculpture on buildings
since 1988 numerous realizations of land art projects
2007 Winner of the 1st International Evard Award
lives and works alternately in Germany, France and Portugal

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