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Joan Miró – The passionate painter poet

25.06.2016 – 27.11.2016

In summer 2016 the kunsthalle messmer dedicated itself to the well-known Spanish artist Joan Miró

The title of the exhibition referred to Miró’s relationship to poetry. This relationship runs through the artist’s entire oeuvre and took place on several levels. This aspect of his art should become clear in the exhibition: Divided into 12 rooms, important works of his oeuvre were shown, from the unique, dreamy surrealism of the 1930s to his gloomy late work. The show gave an impression of Miró’s oeuvre as a whole.

The artist himself was a passionate reader. 1700 books adorned his extensive library. Important names such as Dostojewski, Freud, Nietzsche and Goethe were represented here and of essential importance for the artist’s fantastic works.

Poetry also stands for everything that goes beyond language. In this way, Miró’s art is transcendent. Psychic processes take shape on his canvases. Images and impressions resulting from dreams and other states of the subconscious are held firmly. Much, which cannot be put into words, he presents in his pictures… Thus develops a unique pictorial language with coincidental, almost childlike naive character, for which Miró is so famous…

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