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Otmar Alt – Life paths

03.02.2018 – 27.05.2018

Otmar Alt, The Rose Blossom, 1967, acrylic on canvas, 190 x 140 cm © Otmar Alt Foundation

As one of the most important and versatile artists of our time, Otmar Alt has been inspiring audiences with his colourful and imaginative visual language for decades. The kunsthalle messmer presents around 120 works from all the creative periods of the German artist and thus provides an exclusive insight into the complete oeuvre of Otmar Alt.

The special, often “puzzle-like” design of Alt’s works arouses curiosity and invites the viewer into a fantasy world, which he is supposed to discover and interpret individually with his personal gaze. The title of the pictures usually creates a possible access to the pictures and thus a scope for interpretation.

This exhibition traces the life of Otmar Alt and surprises visitors with the expressive colourfulness of his powerful motifs.

On Easter Saturday a special Easter family tour took place for the first time. The art of Otmar Alt was playfully introduced to the young visitors from the age of 5 and called upon to actively participate in the art. Besides painting pictures, the little ones could put together their own work of art from puzzle pieces and at the end paint their very own interpretation of the duck fox salad and buffer animal.

The kunsthalle messmer team would like to thank the committed young visitors and their parents for the numerous participants and the great interest!

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