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Otto Laszlo

Laszlo Otto, Yantra-ipsum-līlāi, 2012, acrylic on canvas Ⓒ messmer foundation

Ottó László is a contemporary Hungarian artist of the abstract-constructive direction. His geometric art deals with the question of being. For him,  colour reflects the diversity of life. Furthermore, he pursues the goal of creating images that give the viewer the opportunity to experience spiritual contents.

born in 1966 in Pécs, Hungary
Studies at the Technical University of Budapest
Studies at the Free School of Art, Pécs
lives and works in Budapest

Exhibitions (Selection)

1994 Pécs Art Gallery
1998 Kozelites Gallery Pécs
2002 MEO Art Fair Budapest
2003 Suzuki Gallery Kyoto
2006 Gallery Szinyei Szalon Budapest
2009 Museum of Modern Art Hünfeld
2009 Kunsthalle Messmer Riegel
2011 Centre d’Art Contemporain Frank Popper
2012 Museum Vasarely Budapest

Collection (Selection)

Museum Gallery of Paks
Museum Modern Art Hünfeld
Universalmuseum Joanneum Graz

Ottó László


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