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Peter Somm

Peter Somm_Am Meer_1996_kopie
Peter Somm, By the Sea, 1996, acrylic on canvas, 80 x 110 cm Ⓒ messmer foundation / Steven van Veen

Many of his works are based on a reverse abstraction. Somm does not abstract from the representational into the geometric, but vice versa. Although his works have a strictly constructive structure, at the same time they embody representational images. For example, his radiant light circles and light crosses remind the viewer of heavenly stars. His works are unfamiliar with the usual hardness of constructive art. Instead, his geometric forms seem dematerialized, they seem to surrender to infinity. Peter Somm achieves this impression by using continuous rows of colors with which he constructs his pictures symmetrically with meticulous precision.

born 1940 in Sulgen, Switzerland
1958-1965 Medical studies Confrontation with concrete art
ab 1969 freelance artist
seit 1970 Individual and group exhibitions at home and abroad
1972 Move to Herrenschwand (near Bern)
bis 1999 Anaesthesiologist in a private clinic, working as an artist at the same time
Peter Somm lives and works in Herrenschwanden, Switzerland and since 1998 alternately also in Lacoste, France

Peter Somm

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